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Kids can talk and play games with one another.

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1. Basic Rules for adults

By registering at this website, you confirm that you will adhere to the main rule for the parents (adults):

It is absolutely prohibited to use video-chat for conversation with other children in absence of Your child or in absence of other child’s parents.

We explain. Your child found a new friend and begun to communicate with him or her frequently. And you wish to be introduced to that child. This is totally normal and logical intention. You can be introduced to other child and talk to him or her only in a following way: 1) Your son (daughter) are sitting on your laps and you are talking to that child in presence of your child. 2) If you don’t want to talk in presence of your child, than, during your conversation must be present at least one parent of that child.

Failure to follow this rule is punished with an immediate cancellation of your subscription without a right for any compensation or renewal of subscription.

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