English for children up to 8 years old

Children learn English naturally at home.
Parents do not need to know English.

Books, videos, educational games. Only useful content for the child.
Full safety of the child on the Internet.
No ads. Completely excluded the transition to other sites. Everything is under complete control of teachers and parents.
Internet Illusion for the child!

We save a huge amount of parents time!

Baby English Best description

100% SAFETY !

The client "Baby English Best" provides complete child safety on the Internet and the security of your computer.

No links to external sites. Full screen mode. The child can not minimize the window and go to the desktop, damage the computer system, erase the necessary information, infect the computer with a virus from the gaming sites. Parents can safely leave the child with the computer.

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LIBRARY - books for children 0-12 years old

 Baby English Best

Perfect library. Everything is easy for use.
Books were sorted by series and age.
It is absolutely no problem if you are not fluent in English.
Many books have audio tracks.

English Books for babies and toddlers
English Books for Kids 3+
Textbook for children
Comics for kids
KidsTube for children


Children like to watch YouTube.
Educational and interesting Videos for children.
All materials are chosen by children and teachers.
In one click parent can switch off channel.

Games for children


Baby English Best Client

Thats what children really love.
We use games for learning and development of a child
Main task of the games is to increase volume of a childs vocabulary.

Video for children


Baby English Best Client

artoons. TV series. Movies.
Good quality suitable for watching on PC, tablet and TV.
In minutes, parents can edit what will be available for their kids according to his or her age.

TV series for children
Cartoons and movies for children
Cartoons and movies for children 5+
Video Books for kids

SITES FOR PARENTS - books, games, videos for YOUR kid.

■ Three important websites: My Books. My Video. Pop Games. Parents can download books, videos, games on the hard drive that they consider useful and appropriate to the child's age. The child will think that these books, videos, games are on the Internet. The launch will be performed from the above mentioned sites. Fast downloading is easy in the parent section
www.babyenglish.gift - service site with books, videos and games in English, Russian and other languages. On this site you can buy material for children who are not subscribed to Baby English Best, and for replenishing the material of the sites My Book, My Video and Pop Games.
TV Series for Kids
Cartoons and Movies for Children
Video Books for Kids


Friends. Video chat - children can talk to each other and with a teacher. This is a very important site for stimulating children to speak.
Win a Game. For the game you need a partner - a computer or another child. This is a game with cubes (children learn to count to 12), chess, checkers, Renju and others. During the game, children can communicate with each other (video chat). This option is in development.
My Blog. Blog for communicating parents, storing personal photos, etc. (in development).
Parents. Parent section - control, simple and quick (one click) material availability management, Baby English TV program, recommendations and news.
Updates every week - new books / videos / games.
Baby English TV


Baby English TV logo

Dedicated program to study English language for children up to 4 years old video lessons, lesson plans and games.
We create conditions for children to learn English naturally. They will learn English as their native language.


Read more about BabyEnglish.Best you can read on the website http://babyenglish.club.

Watch the Presentation.

After the subscription, you can also make an excursion of the website.


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