Preparation for school. Kindergarten level. Games and control tasks

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Kindergarten. Preparation for school. Games - Control Tasks

The enlarged list of topics and tasks

Count to 3
Learn to count - up to 3.
Count objects - up to 3.
Count dots - up to 3.
Count shapes - up to 3.

Count to 5
Learn to count - up to 5.
Count objects - up to 5.
Count dots - up to 5.
Count shapes - up to 5.

Count to 10
Learn to count - up to 10.
Count objects - up to 10.
Count dots - up to 10.
Count shapes - up to 10.
Numbers and counting up to 20.

Fewer and more - compare by counting.

Inside and outside.
Top and bottom.
Higher. Lower.
More. Less. Equally.
Above - Under.
From the left, the right, in the middle.

Repeat the pattern.
Find the shape you want.
Classify shapes by color.
Classify and sort by form.
Classification shapes by size.

Name of money, count money, money comparison.

Equal parts.
Identify halves, thirds, fourths.

Long and short.
Tall and short.
Light and heavy.
Wide and narrow.
Compare size and weight.
Data and graphs.

Flat shapes
Name the shape.

Two-dimensional shapes (flat)
Circles, squares, rectangles, counting of sides and angles, symmetry.

Three-dimensional shapes (volumetric)
Spheres, cubes, forms of everyday objects.

Letter identification.
Find the letter in the alphabet: lowercase
Find the letter in the alphabet: uppercase

Lowercase and uppercase letters.
Choose the lowercase letter that matches.
Choose the lowercase letter that matches.
Word recognition.
Choose the two words that are the same.
Find a word in a sentence.

Sounds and letters.
Which two word start with the same sound?
Find the short 'a' word.
Find the short 'e' word.
Find the short 'i' word.
Find the short 'o' word.
Find the short 'u' word.
Inference and analysis.
Which feeling matches the picture?
What will happen next?

Color and number words.
Use color words.
Use number words: one to five.
Use number words: six to ten.
Use number words: one to ten.

Find the picture that matches the action verb.
Synonyms and antonyms.
Match antonyms to pictures
Match synonyms

Short vowels.
Identify the short vowel sound in a word
Spell the short vowel word.
Complete the sentence with the correct short vowel word.
Read questions with short vowel words.
Science and social life

We get acquainted with professions.

Professions and tools.

We study trees and shrubs.

Wild animals and pets.

Meet the mushrooms.

Musical instruments.



Order and mess.

We study insects.

We remember the breed of dogs.

Find the animal house.

The inhabitants of the seas and oceans.
Emotions and feelings.

Works of great composers.

Acquaintance with the instruments.

We get acquainted with the genres of fine art.

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