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Books and Videos for children

To replenish the library and video library of the child is the site
Large selection of books, voiced books, audio performances, cartoons, TV shows and feature films for children in different languages.
The site is closed. Login only for our subscribers. Subscription is free.
In addition to the possibility of entering the site, a subscription gives access to free materials for children to learn English.

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Main formats
BEBAndroid-mp3 - Baby English Best application for computer (Windows) and Tablet (Android). It looks exactly the same as on this site (see foot of this page) and the site Scrolling (or scrolling automatically), read or listen.
BEBAndroid - The same format as above, but the book is not voiced.
PDFmp3 - For computers. Opens in Adobe Reader. Sound files are embedded in the PDF file. Click on the icon and the announcer pronounces a sentence or phrases (but no more than text located on one sheet). Convenient when learning a child's language. Especially when he already learns to read.
PDF - The same format as above, only a book without sound files.
Video Book - The book is translated in Video format MP4 with a good resolution of 1280x720. Very convenient (when you are limited in time) - put the flash drive on the TV and the child listens and watches.
BEB format is designed for parents whose children are subscribed to the site You can easily install the book on the hard disk of the computer (from the parent section), with the child creating the illusion that he sees this book on the Internet.

Auxiliary formats (mainly for books in Russian). All supporting formats are free bonuses for personal use.
These formats for children are not very convenient and interesting, but if you read a child, they may be useful.
FB2 - Popular format. Read all Russian e-books and many programs. ZIP archive.
EPUB - Popular format. Suitable for iBooks and most apps for reading.
RTF - For computers. Can be opened on any computer. ZIP archive.
HTML - For computers. You can read the book directly in the browser. ZIP archive
iOS.EPUB - For devices. EPUB adapted for IPhone and iPad.
PDF A6 - For devices. Optimized for small screens.
MOBI - For devices. Suitable for Amazon Kindle ebooks.
FB - For devices. Promising innovative format.
TXT - For devices. Can be opened on almost any device. ZIP archive.
JAVA - For devices. Suitable for push-button phones.
All applications for reading books in these formats can be downloaded on the Internet (mostly for free).

Book ID
The first two digits of the ID book may be useful to you.
The first number indicates the language of the book: 1 - English, 2 - Russian, 3 - French, 4 - German, 5 - Spanish, 6 - Ukrainian. The second number indicates the age of the child.

Video Formats (cartoons, movies)
The format of the video file and audio track is described next to each movie. If a Video has several audio tracks, including an English soundtrack, such a movie is placed in sections of the video in English. Therefore, the section with the video in English, it is necessary to check, even if you are looking for a different language.

Game Formats
The format of the Games and for which devices they are intended is described next to each game.

Sample Book

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right page

See description of Baby English Best Reader on the page "Reading"

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