Children Safety on Internet

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Child Safety on the Internet

If you have not faced this problem yet, you will.
The solution to this problem will take you a lot of time.

100% safe child and your computer will be provided by "Add BabyEnglish.Best".
Internet illusion for the child!
Fast and easy installation.
No additional payment - included in the subscription fee.

What is Internet Illusion for child?

Imagine that Internet is a big city. Every house in this city is a site. The houses are filled with people, sites with pages. You know that not only good people live in houses.
Internet - city
Safety place for child in Internet
Now imagine there is a quarter in this city which is surrounded by a reliable guard. All the houses (sites) and residents of this quarter (pages of sites) are carefully checked. The main feature of this quarter is that it is impossible to get out of it. The exit certainly is but you need to know it.
Baby English Best is Safety in Internet

Baby English Best is such a quarter for a child. Different sites create illusion for child that he walks freely on the Internet.
Selection of material is made by teachers. Reliable protection - BABY ENGLISH BEST ADD. Parents can carry out additional and very easy control.

If you do not show the child how to close Baby English Best, the child will be completely safe. Your computer will also be safe - there is no way to go to the computer desktop, erase something, open a third-party site and infect the computer with a virus.
32 sites.
Full screen mode.
No external links.
The child can not exit full-screen mode and go to the desktop.
The material is checked and updated by teachers or parents.

Desktop and site search page Безопасный desktop для ребенка
Безопасный полноэкранный режим для ребенка
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