Games and control tasks for second grade kids

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2nd Grade. Games - Control Tasks

The enlarged list of topics and tasks
Count to 1000
Count - up to 100.
Count - up to 1000.
Even or odd.
Which even or odd number comes before or after?

Fewer and more - compare by counting.

Names of numbers
Ordinal numbers up to 10th.
Writing numbers up to 100 in words - convert words to digits.
Writing numbers up to 100 in words - convert digits to words.
Writing numbers up to 1,000 in words - convert words to digits.
Writing numbers up to 1,000 in words - convert digits to words.
Ordinal numbers up to 100th.
Roman numerals I, V, X, L.
Addition - one digit

Subtraction - one digit

Addition - two digits

Subtraction - two digits

Inside and outside.
Top and bottom.
Higher. Lower.
More. Less. Equally.
Above - Under.
From the left, the right, in the middle.

Classify shapes by color.
Classify and sort by form.
Classification shapes by size.
Match digital clocks and times.
Match analog clocks and times.
Match analog and digital clocks.
Read clocks and write times: hour and half hour.
Read clocks and write times.
Time words: o'clock, half, quarter.
A.M. or P.M.
Compare clocks.
Elapsed time I.
Elapsed time II.
Time patterns.
Days of the week.
Months of the year.
Read a calendar.
Number of days in each month.
Relate time units.


Logical reasoning.
Name of money, count money, money comparison.
Purchases: do you have enough money?
Compare money amounts.
Least number of coins.

Equal parts.
Equal parts - halves, thirds, and fourths.
Halves and fourths.
Halves, thirds, and fourths.

Geometric measurement

Data and graphs

How many syllables does the word have?
Sort by the number of syllables.

Consonant blends and digraphs
Complete the word with the correct digraph: ch, sh, th.
Complete the word with the correct digraph: ph, qu, wh.
Spell the digraph word: ch, sh, th.
Spell the digraph word: ph, qu, wh.
Sort by initial consonant blend or digraph.
Complete the word with a three-letter consonant blend.

Sounds and letters
Which two word start with the same sound?
Find the short a word.
Find the short e word.
Find the short i word.
Find the short o word.
Find the short u word.

Inference and analysis
Which feeling matches the picture?
What will happen next?

Find the picture that matches the action verb.
Color and number words
Use color words.
Use number words: one to five.
Use number words: six to ten.
Use number words: one to ten.

Topic and purpose
Identify the purpose of a text.
Determine the topic and purpose of informational passages.

Synonyms and antonyms
Match antonyms to pictures.
Match synonyms.

Cause and effect
Match each effect to its cause.
Match each cause to its effect.

Short vowels
Identify the short vowel sound in a word
Spell the short vowel word.
Complete the sentence with the correct short vowel word.
Read questions with short vowel words.
Long vowels
Choose the word that has a different vowel sound.
Find the long a word.
Find the long e word.
Find the long i word.
Find the long o word.
Find the long u word.
Sort short and long vowel words.

Is it a telling sentence or an asking sentence?
Find the complete sentence.

Diphthongs: oi, oy, ou, ow
Choose the diphthong word that matches the picture.
Complete the word with the correct diphthong: oi, oy, ou, ow.
Choose the diphthong sentence that matches the picture.

Homophones with pictures.
Identify homophones.
Use the correct homophone.
Reference skills
Order alphabetically based on the first letter.
Order alphabetically based on the first two letters.
Order alphabetically based on the first three letters.

Commas with a series.
Commas with dates.
Commas with the names of places.
Commas: review.

Capitalizing the names of people and pets.
Capitalizing days, months, and holidays.
Capitalizing the names of places and geographic features.
Capitalization: review.
Capitalizing titles.
Greetings and closings of letters.
The world

The science

The surrounding world

Instruments and tools



Heavenly bodies


How the Earth works?

The Moon is the Earth's satellite

Globe - a model of the Earth

The change of night and day

Terrain Plan






Society and family


Live and inanimate nature

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